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Philadelphia Airport Exhibition

This exhibition was guest curated by Philadelphia designers Josh Owen and Cory Grosser for the inaugural Design Philadelphia events of 2005, organized to advance public awareness of design exploration and innovation within the Philadelphia area. It was installed in terminal D of the Philadelphia International Airport. The installation celebrated the rich history of avant-garde design including the architecture and decorative arts of world-renowned Robert Venturi as well as the emerging talents of younger designers like Gyungju Chyon, Steve Copeland, Cory Grosser, Mark Havens, Emory Krall, Josh Owen, Jaime Salm, and Velissa Van Scoyoc. Philadelphia has a vibrant mix of design-related academic institutions, thriving arts and industry, and a legacy of invention and innovation that dates back to Benjamin Franklin. Avant-Garde Industrial was a sampling of products that best represented Philadelphias industrial design talent, its rich past, invigorating present, and bright future.