For me the notion of success is three-fold: Social, Critical, and Commercial.

For a designer to be effective, his or her impact should be socially relevant. In that capacity I work as an educator to help others move their ideas forward and empower them to make enduring decisions.

Critical success means that the work that one does is judged by peers and professionals to operate at the highest levels. When my projects (or the projects of my students) win juried awards or are included in exhibitions, publications or museum collections, this is critical success.

Commercial success means that the one’s contribution has been accepted as useful in the world and contributes to the economic ecosystem.

Josh Owen

Mentorship Program

The Josh Owen LLC Mentorship Program provides design students and emerging designers with professional experience in the design process. The Mentorship Program has a duration of at least three months and requires the participant to spend a minimum of three days per week collaborating with the studio. The Mentorship Program is open to upper level design students and emerging designers, from any part of the world, who are focusing on the fields of industrial, product, furniture, architectural, graphic or web design. Mentorship opportunities are offered three times per year: August – December, January – May, June – August. For more information about the Mentorship Program, send email inquires to: