Owen’s vision of Design is advanced, rooted in humanist culture, spare and timeless.

Massimo Vignelli


The Josh Owen design studio is a globally successful, award winning practice based in Rochester NY. We operate with the belief that good design is intellectually elegant thinking distilled into the built environment with a sense of purpose. We do not discriminate between the landscape of products, structures, services, and experiences, taking on all matter of projects in an effort to craft the world with a clear vision oriented towards a better tomorrow. We only work with partners who value our point of view. Following the atelier format, a small group of creatives work directly with Josh Owen to deliver the highest level of curated content to our clients.


We accept new projects year round but prefer to begin actual development in the summer when academic workloads lighten. Project negotiations to prepare for professional engagement are best initiated during the winter months. Many client projects align with Milan Design Week and/or New York Design Week schedules for debut. To discuss new projects and methods of engagement contact the studio directly.

Lenses for Design

If the results of this work emerge as beautiful, empathic, or effortless, this simply is the consequence of informed choices that emanate from a deep meditation on history, theory, and practice.

Josh Owen


Our projects always begin with relationships and often, those relationships last a very long time. We work with industry leaders who recognize the value added by design that comes from a specific point of view. Leveraging our brand creates a difference in the marketplace for those who want to see their own brands stand out, privileging clarity of purpose.


Often, our expertise is called upon for product design. Increasingly that role has moved beyond industrial design and into the realm of art direction, publication and image consulting, architectural, interaction, and overall brand curation.


The best client relationships are memorable and endure, as do the best products, systems, and experiences. Therefore it should not be surprising to see many of our projects winning industry awards, appearing in publications, or ending up in international museum collections.

His work is bold but refreshingly simple in appearance and uniquely his own in a period of diverse styles and influences.

Kathryn B. Hiesinger, The J. Mahlon Buck, Jr.
Family Senior Curator of European Decorative Arts after 1700
Philadelphia Museum of Art