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Vignelli Medal

The Massimo and Lella Vignelli Distinguished Professor Medal was commissioned by Rochester Institute of Technology’s College of Art and Design to be bestowed upon R. Roger Remington, RIT’s first Vignelli Distinguished Professor of Design on the occasion of his retirement. The text on the medal reads “Design is One” to reflect the ethos of the Vignelli’s brand. The type is set in Helvetica, one of the few typefaces espoused by the Vignellis for its legibility, functionality and clarity. On the medal, polished, raised lettering contrasts against the matte aluminum background. The text is surrounded by generous negative space within a square format, magnifying the primary geometry commonly employed by the Vignellis. This square design also stands out from most common academic medals which often employ a circular format. The medal’s ribbon celebrates the classic “Vignelli Red” and is visibly and functionally integrated into the design.  On the back, the RIT identity is balanced by Roger Remington’s name and title, engraved into the body of the medal to create a powerful and boldly readable statement. Photos by Elizabeth Lamark.