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8125 Packaging

The Monroe 8125 challenges the notion that all products are engineered to employ some degree of planned obsolescence as a business strategy. Designed for commercial use, the 8125 is the latest in a line of adding machines which benefits from nearly a century of manufacturing and interactive experience with Monroe’s users. Monroe’s loyal customers are accustomed to owning their products for a long time. They are also accustomed to a unique customer service experience with Monroe that makes the operation, maintenance and upkeep of Monroe products easy. 8125 expands the functionality associated with previous Monroe models while adding a reduced desktop footprint, improved overall usability and a clear, rational form language which enhances clarity and performance. 8125 is an update to an established technology and feels like a modern heirloom. This project is the result of a total brand program developed for Monroe which encompasses product, graphic, packaging and strategic brand management. Download user manual (designed by Josh Owen studio) here. Available through Monroe. Photos by Clint Blowers.