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Traditional in construction and modern in conception, after more than a decade of critical recognition and a strong record of sales the Areaware Menorah is often referred to as ‘the Helvetica of Menorahs’. It has an incorporated plate which catches the drippings from candles and provides a safe resting place for a used match while it is still hot. It is made of solid cast iron and has the heft expected of such a material. The weight gives it a sense of solidity and self-worth, like a trusted tool found on a family farm. There is an honesty in the singularity of the iron material which suggests this object could age and continue to look even more beautiful as it acquires a patina from continual use. Part of the permanent collections of the National Museum of American Jewish History, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Memorial Art Gallery where additional artifacts of its developmental process are also included. Winner, Chicago Good Design Award.
Photos by Clint Blowers.

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