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Other Tongue Guitar Pedal

Designed as a follow-up to the Mother Tongue (but never placed into mass production), the Other Tongue captures some of the unique aspects of its predecessor while offering some special characteristics of its own. Like the MT, the OT is a unique breed of pedal following in the great lineage of envelope-controlled devices that harken back to the 1970s, when syncopated funk effects played a leading role in shaping the modern music landscape. Building on the automated tracking wah power its predecessors pioneered, the Other Tongue adds a range of vocal-sounding modulations to the dialogue, mixing in a powerful array of controls allowing for a unique package of options for users to create some of the craziest percussive rhythms and sonic textures never before found in one singular box. Designed for Adventure Audio. OT ‘head’ graphic designed by Jasper Owen. Photos by Elizabeth Lamark.