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Hose Lamp

This experimental object consists of a thirty foot length of flexible fiber optic cable with strong side-lighting capabilities, wound onto a spring-loaded, industrial hose collector. A steel base accommodates a light box, which houses a metal-halide bulb and a motorized color wheel. Mounted towards the top of the hose collector is a box that houses two switches. One turns the bulb on and off, the other engages a motorized, rotating color wheel enabling a repeating loop of spectral color changes for the hose. A sphere made of frosted, translucent resin is cast directly on to the end of the cable. It diffuses the intensity of the strong light emitted at the cables terminus and has a hook that enables the hose to cling to an object or fixture. Included in the Permanent Design Collection of the Denver Art Museum and the corresponding publication. Photo by Julie Marquart.